Conference Topics

BMS2024 features four major themes (among others) to provide latest results in context of personalized medicine and personalized diagnostic and therapeutic processes:

  • Digital Twin models for therapy optimization and other applications
  • Drug delivery systems, modelling, control, and applications
  • Intelligent medical devices
  • Machine learning in Biomedical processes, e.g., signal and image analysis, data fusion, control


Furthermore, the BMS24 symposium will address the latest progress and challenges raised in all themes of the technical committees:

  • model formulation, experiment design, identification and validation, biosignal analysis and interpretation
  • advances in sensing and signal processing
  • tracer kinetic modelling from imaging systems
  • biomedical system modelling, simulation and visualization
  • decision support systems and feedback control
  • robotics, devices and sensors
  • biological systems and controls, etc.
  • artificial intelligence for decision support systems
  • bionic engineering and biomaterials

Application areas may contain, but are not limited to:

  • cellular, metabolic, cardiovascular, neurosystems
  • healthcare management and delivery, disease control, critical care
  • decision support systems for the control of physiological and clinical variables
  • biomedical imaging systems
  • intensive and chronic therapy
  • medical information systems
  • surgical robotics and medical nano-robotics
  • control of voluntary movements, respiration, locomotion
  • rehabilitation engineering including rehabilitation robotics
  • kinetic modelling and control of biological systems, artificial organs and biomechanical systems
  • quantification of physiological parameters for diagnosis assessment
  • artificial intelligence support in diagnosis and decision-making systems